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Anastassija Gluhhankova​

Liisi has been dancing almost the whole of her life, but Bachata is something that has stayed in her heart. She is true fan of the style - she always gives her 100% in teaching and training. On the dance floor, she has a connection with a complete stranger. Bachata is like a language on its own - no matter where you go, you will understand other dancers. This how she started travelling and going to festivals - you can have something really unique with an unknown person.

Liisi Sagor

Lisette started her journey quite randomly in 2018. She had a bet with her friend and you can guess three times, who lost? Lisette started teaching at the beginning of 2020 and always gives her full energy, so the classes would be memorable for all of the dancers. Bachata feels like a completely different world for her. When she walks through the doors of our studio, she can feel the energy of the people, their openness and she enjoys the whole environment. When she's dancing, she can feel the freedom and emotions, which she cannot experience on a daily basis. It is a big part of Lisette's life – once you are in the dance scene, it is hard to leave!

Lisette Sirel

Maud is a sassy ginger as the energy we get from her is just contagious! She is ambitious and fun – expert in Modern Jazz, ballroom dances and social Latin Dance styles. During the day, Maud works with children but commits her spare time fully to dance. She was introduced to Latin Dance styles when she was in university. // She started with Salsa and fell in love with it. She knew a little about Bachata back in France but she discovered Bachata here in Estonia through parties and socialising. She started attending classes and also went to Helsinki and Riga to dance even more. She met a lot of friends and found my way to Bachata Studio Tallinn thanks to Fabian.

Maud Bertevas

To-do list: wake up, HAVE SOME COFFEE, DANCE BACHATA! Anton is packed with energy and you should definitely attend one of his classes. Anton has been dancing as a hobby for a while, mainly practising ballroom dances. However, he was in Munich and a friend of his invited him to come and see Bachata/Salsa classes which she was attending. He was surprised that you were able to mix partners during the class. He also loved the chill atmosphere - improvisation blended with taught steps. He started teaching in November 2019. Anton is currently focusing on Bachata Sensual and Modern. He thinks that in Bachata, there’s a perfect balance between dancing side by side and also apart.

Anton Pelešev
Rado Kapital

Passion is the energy that keeps us going - Fabian has the passion that keeps the dancefloor flowing! Fabian is from Cuba and his mother guided him to start taking lessons in ballet school. He liked the emotions - like a lot! - and he spent 15 years there. Afterwards, he decided to master his skills from the streets. He practised contemporary, Afro-Cuban, choreography, street dance etc. He focused on one style after the other, so he could get better in every style. He loves about teaching others that he can give his knowledge all in once - the history of dance, see how students grow in his hands and they become something. Dancing is not just something he does. Dance can solve his problems. When he is stressed, when he needs to think - he dances. Dancing is a way to live, it is a way of living

Fabian Arocha Albial
Allan Vizor

Rainer has been dancing almost the whole of his life, but Bachata is something that has stayed in his heart. He is true fan of the style - he always gives her 100% in teaching and training. He liked the music first and at one point he felt that Bachata gave him the freedom which he had not experienced in any other styles - he was able to test his skills and musicality.

Rainer Selge