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Bachata Studio Tallinn was established in 2020 and obtained a great reputation from the very beginning. We are a dance school based in Estonia focusing on Latin American dance styles. We host regular weekly classes in Tallinn and Haapsalu. Bachata Studio Tallinn offers classes for beginners, improvers, intermediate and advanced students. All of our dance courses are run by highly trained and friendly instructors. In addition to regular dance courses, we organise various special events and social dance nights. We offer private classes which are specifically tailored for every individual. Bachata Studio Tallinn strives to create a sociable atmosphere by celebrating great music, dance and by getting to know each other. Whether people would like to just try something new or wish to carve out a dance career – Bachata Studio Tallinn welcomes everyone!

Our dance studio has a membership model, which includes:

Unlimited Visits

Attend any class unlimited times of your and lower dance levels (before attending a course consult please with the instructors about your dance level / experience)


Big discounts for show teams


Big discounts for special events and courses

September membership
Attend any class unlimited times of your and lower dance levels
October membership
Attend any class unlimited times of your and lower dance levels

Kopli 25, Tallinn (see the map below how to enter our studio). Free parking in front of the studio and nearby.

Yes, you can park in front of the building.

Wear comfortable clothes, so you could feel good and relaxed. In that way, you can focus more on dancing.

Please bring along clean and comfortable inner shoes. However, running shoes and trainers do not really slip whilst dancing, so we would not recommend wearing these.

No need to bring a partner. Bachata is a social dance. At the beginning of the class, our instructors will find you a partner or we will be exchanging partners during the class. This way you have an opportunity to meet new people.

However, if you do have a partner, feel free to bring them along!

Definitely not! If you are a bit nervous, it is absolutely normal. The atmosphere in our studio is friendly and there is no need to worry if something is not coming out. Our instructors will help you and everyone has an opportunity to learn at their own pace according to their level. You will not even realise, once you have mastered all the steps and dance combos!

At the beginning of each month, the members of our dance school pay a monthly fee, which includes classes according to different levels for four weeks. Each dancer is responsible if they cannot take part in the classes during this month. In exempt, we also take new members in the middle of the month. Please write to us if you would like this and we will find the best solution.

We ask everybody to sign up via our registration form for the trial class. This way we can ensure that the instructors are aware of the size of the group and can guide you more efficiently during the first class.

There is no age limit! Dancing is for everybody. We believe that age is just a number, so do not be afraid to sign up for a trial class.

Bachata is a fun and social dance, where you can come with a partner or solo. You will find new friends, enjoy Latin American rhythms and develop yourself physically. Let’s not forget you can develop yourself mentally as during the classes you will be learning various dance combos. Bachata is an extremely popular dance style.

Yes, our instructors also hold private classes according to the needs of every dancer. Please contact us, so we could organise this according to your time schedule.

Yes, absolutely! Our amazing teachers can host a dance class at a birthday party or even at your hen due. Practising Latin American dances is also really popular and engaging at corporate events. Please contact us, so we could discuss the details and arrange a fantastic party

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